July 10, 2015

 Life is interesting. 

Life happens whether we plan it out or not. No matter how much I plan out something, it usually doesn't turn out that way. In fact, the more I plan, the more I realize that there seems to be a different plan for me whether I like it or not. I've never been one to be very conventional or routine. Some people thrive on checking off a list or knowing exactly what will happen on their detailed calendar. It helps to be flexible and not so set in "your ways" to be able to handle whatever life throws at you. So when things don't go as planned, I'm more than happy to go with plan B, C, or maybe even D.

Life is finding happiness in between. Happiness is what everyone wants, desires, and searches for. Fortunately, lots of things bring me happiness. I like to look at the positive side of most things. Although there is good in all things and I can usually find something to be happy about; it doesn't mean I'm happy all the time. Obviously. I have found that happiness and unhappiness are closely aligned. Some of the happiest people I know are happier because of the sadness, pain, and unhappiness they have felt while experiencing life. Because of my life experiences that have left me feeling a lot of unhappiness at times, heartache, and despair; these experiences have allowed me to truly find happiness. Happiness is recognizing and appreciating all the big and small things that happen to life in between these heightened emotional reactions to life experiences.

Right now I'm trying to piece together all the planned and unplanned, happiness and unhappiness that is being experienced right now. I don't ever feel the need to justify or defend my decisions, but I do know that there are a lot of curious people wondering what the hell are the Slider's doing now?! So if you do care, I guess you've read this far and you might continue to read the rest of my random ramblings.

The last couple of years have been, well... Interesting. I have not felt myself and stopped using my usual coping skills. I stopped writing, running, spending time outdoors, being with people I love, and meditating. Hence the reason I stopped blogging, gained... well that doesn't really matter, too many reasons to list of why the outdoorsiness ceased to exist, and to be alone in my thoughts has been a scary place. Coping skills are what keep us thriving and continuing to find hope in life. Even though I may have temporarily stopped most of the things that had brought me peace through difficult times  One of the main things that may have saved my sanity this past LONG couple years is my passion and love for entrepreneurship. Being creative and starting from the bottom up has brought me hope for the future. I love the process behind starting a new business or organization. Thinking outside the box has thankfully always come naturally for me. I feel grateful for these experiences I have had to keep me moving forward.

If you want to skip the ramblings and get to the point...haha! 
Start here:

Back in this blog post CLICK HERE  I explained a little bit about our move to Arizona. The thing is we really do love many things about Arizona. We love a lot of people here. We made a few more really great friends while living in AZ. There are many people we will dearly miss.We understand A LOT of people LOVE living in Arizona!We are happy for you! We now know we DO NOT love living in AZ and will continue to love visiting October-March. After a LONG (oh, did I say that again) year and a half living in AZ, we have packed up and are moving to Idaho. Yes Idaho. Just as I never expected to live in Utah for 11 years (and we ended up LOVING a lot of things about living there), then back to AZ; Idaho was never on the list of places I thought we would end up living in. But I am finding myself excited about what the future will bring.

Back to my not planning things; There are too many very personal, that maybe one day I might share, reasons as to why are unplanned move out of AZ came about. But something that has brought Steve and I both peace about this difficult decision was this message CLICK HERE about Wrong Roads. We have realized what we needed to learn from moving back to Arizona was to help us know that "sometimes in response to our prayers, the Lord may guide us down what seems to be the wrong road-or at least a road we don't understand-so, in due time, He can get us firmly and without a question on the right road."

The decision to move came quickly, I barley had time to process that it was even happening. But it needed to happen and I deal better with life when I have less time to overthink and over analyze the situation too much. When you figure out that life is giving too much, know that there is always an option to change it. This life is truly and unequivocally too short to not make the changes you deserve for a better and happier life. We are choosing what is best for our family. And although it is not an easy decision, and I have a lot of unanswered questions; packing up and moving has never felt so right.

So there you have it, the Slider's are moving on. With much love to our family and friends we were unable to say goodbye to. Love you all!!

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Heather said...

April! Thank you for sharing! We miss you and your family in Saratoga! XO
Idaho is my favorite!! I'm happy for you! Enjoy the beauty there, including the open spaces!

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