April 19, 2012

Late Easter Post

And all she has wanted to do for two weeks now is just dye her Easter eggs!
Why can't I find an hour to just dye the eggs with her?!?!
Poor girl!
(these pics are from last Easter)

It seems that lately an hour any where is hard to find. 
Things have been really hard. Emotionally, physically, mentally,  spiritually, financially...you name it...it's been hard!
I'm not usually a big complainer on this blog or in life.
I really try to focus on the good, the positive, the happiness that does truly surround me in blessings everyday!
But sometimes, sometimes life's just hard!
I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed and defeated, I think that some days life just gets to us all. And it's sad that I feel like a huge whiner and bellyacher when in reality I'm just confessing that life's not perfect all the time and as a human being I just need to vent!!

Right now I just need a huge break...like this guy bellow(AKA:my husband...who is also overwhelmed and defeated). Ok it was Easter Sunday and he does deserve the break while I slaved away in the kitchen cooking Easter dinner.
Not only do I need a break, but I would LOVE some much needed alone time, date time, anytime with this guy so we could reconnect after a VERY LONG semester of school! 
I do happen to be missing him immensely!

Luckily we did get invited to a Saturday Easter hunt with a family friend who we love so very much. Thank-you! 

And Easter dinner wasn't even planned until Saturday night. First of all we had been too busy the week leading up to Easter to even plan anything. SO a last minute throw-together meal was put into action.

After dinner I watched this stranger throw a few balls...

 With this handsome guy!

I took a few pictures of this beautiful girl...

While putting up my feet on a beautiful sunny afternoon for a few minutes before cleaning up dinner.

And of course we had these girls to entertain us on such a lovely day!

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Kimo Wilson said...

Just remember that you are teaching those offspring of yours the value of an education. Make the most of the time you have with them because you won't get it back no matter how hard you try. Things have a way of working themselves out. Love, live, and enjoy every waking moment for what it is, because all you have is right now. Love always, your crubby old brother.

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